Car Loan

How would you like to finance your vehicle? We take our time to search through over 20 lenders to get you just the perfect car loan. While it is similar to the personal loan, a car loan might achieve a lower interest rate. This is because the loan is secured by a financial interest in the vehicle being purchased.

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Going to buy your first car? Feel like upgrading your car to fulfill your family needs? Want to switch to a sturdy 4x4 road experience? Xpert Finance’s association with the top 20 bank and non-bank lenders of Australia enables us to provide our customers with quality financing to get their dream cars with the lowest interest rates possible.

Whether you want to opt for a secured car loan, novated leasing, or unsecured car loan, we help you find the best lenders to perfectly suit your budget and requirements. From car loan refinancing to door-to-door car buying, we provide every sort of service for our self-employed and in-house clients.

With Xpert Finance you get

  • Competitive choices:
    Through our association with Australia's most trusted and widely preferred lenders, we offer you a competitive choice for your car loan. So that you can have a variety of options to choose from according to your demand and financial obligations.
  • Instant Approvals:
    Once you’ve selected your lender, we provide instant loan approvals for you. Even same day approvals are also available for our clients!
  • Transparent Policies:
    All of our contracts are client-oriented. With our easy to understand and transparent business policies, we perform all the procedures involved in getting a car loan for you.
  • Flexible Term plan:
    We offer our clients with up to 7 years of payment term for their car loans. So that they can enjoy their new ride while also paying for installments in a stress-free environment.
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Car Loan options

It is important to ensure that finances are sorted before you start looking for your new car. This will help you with the needed confidence when you move around to shop.
You can now explore the wide range of vehicle finance options available to self-employed workers. All you need to do is to determine which one best suits your needs and business cash flow.

Secured Car Loan

• Lower rates • Higher borrowing limits • 1-7 year terms.
A Secured Car Loan is finance provided for the specific purpose of purchasing a new, near new or used car. Secured Loans offer the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types by using the car as security for the loan. With the car as security, our panel of lenders can offer you lower interest rates as their risk is lowered in the unlikely event of default on the loan. A Secured Car Loan is a great option if you are wanting to buy a car within a set monthly repayment budget.

Unsecured Car Loan

• Greater Flexibility • Ideal for older vehicles • 1-7 year terms.
An Unsecured Car Loan is finance that can be provided to purchase a new, near new or used car without the car being held as security in the unlikely event of payment default. Also known as a Personal Loan, Unsecured Car Loans offer a greater level of flexibility than other loan types, however as the lenders risk is slightly higher by not having any security over the loan, the interest rates offered can be a little higher. An Unsecured Car Loan is ideal for purchasing older, niche or unique cars or if you simply want the freedom to sell your car down the track without impacting on your finance arrangements.

Novated Leasing

• Tax effective car ownership • No deposit • 1-5 year terms.
A Novated Lease is a tax effective solution for purchasing a vehicle, particularly if you use your vehicle for work purposes or receive a car allowance from your employer. A Novated Lease is an agreement between you, your employer and the finance company. When you purchase a vehicle, the finance agreement is between you and the finance lender. Via the agreement, your employer has the responsibility to make the finance payments on your behalf from your pre-tax salary (reducing your taxable income). 360 Finance can arrange a Finance Only Novated Lease on your behalf with your employer, or work with a Salary Packaging organisation for a fully maintained Novated Lease which includes expenses such as servicing, fuel, maintenance and registration.

Business Car Finance

• Lower rates • Tax effective • Low Doc • 1-7 year terms.
A Commercial or Business Car Loan is used for the specific purpose of purchasing a vehicle or fleet of vehicles for business. Commercial loans can offer some of the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types and can provide a tax advantage and allow you to claim GST and depreciation. A Business Car Loan is a great option for any sized business with flexible repayment terms to suit business cashflow or accounting structures.

Find & Finance

We'll find your ideal car and your best finance. 360's 'Find & Finance' service can help you find your next dream car as well as your lowest rate finance all to suit your budget and lifestyle. Our Procurement Team work with a National network of over 180 dealership and can source your dream car, negotiate the price on your behalf and get the best price for your trade-in - all at no cost to you!