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Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or refinance your current mortgage, experienced loan officers at Xpert Finance will help you get started with the best rates and loan flexibility. You can learn a lot more about our home Loan services.

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Finding innovative ways to give Australians the right deal on one of life's most important purchases

Make your dream house a reality with Xpert Finance’s quality Home Loans. If you are thinking of refinancing your mortgage or need to buy a new property in town, Xpert Finance provides unique property financing solutions for all of your demands. That too from the top lenders, at the lowest rates. Guaranteed!

Investment Loan:

Investment home loans are a great solution to your house needs. However, finding the right property that remains situated close to the main city with the proximity of work, school, and daily life needs is a challenging task. As it’s the only way your property would suit a wide range of tenants. That’s where experienced brokers of the Xpert Finance come in with the diversity of market options.
Finding the right investment home loan is almost as important as finding the right property. You can maximize the return you receive when you choose the right loan to fund your investment. Your Xpert Finance broker can help you compare hundreds of options.

It’s important to find something that meets personal requirements such as proximity to work, kids' schools or friends and family when you’re choosing your own home. As an as an investor, you need to find a property that will suit a broad range of tenants. Of course, you have the freedom to buy in any state or territory, though buying in a suburb near home gives you the benefit of local knowledge.
The key is to research locations carefully, looking at important factors like population growth, tenant demand, local price growth, any developments planned for the area

It is also critical to consider the type of property best suited to fulfilling your goals. Think about whether you prefer an existing or new dwelling, and the sort of features that you believe are desirable.

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Guarantor Home Loan:

Need a mortgage but lack the required deposit or financial circumstances? Take advantage of our guarantor home loan service that enables you to still get a mortgage by offering a guarantee to the lender.

A Guarantor Loan is like a normal home loan except that somebody has agreed to offer a guarantee to the lender that the loan will be repaid. This is also part of what we have to provide for our clients to ensure that they do not get stressed out just to secure a home loan. It’s just about the time you get started with Xpert Finance for an easy and convenient deal!

Mortgage Refinancing

If you are tired of paying high-interest rates on your current mortgage or not satisfied with the performance, you can always find solutions with Xpert Finance. Compare your current loan with hundreds of low-interest deals in the market, switch, and save thousands of dollars right away.

It’s time to see if you could save. With interest rates at historic lows, it's an ideal time to shop around to make the best of your budget.

We take our time to hundreds of options with your current loan to see if you could save. We take charge of all the paperwork and running around at no cost to you if you choose to refinance
We are there to help you easily Switch lenders so that you could get you a better deal that will save you thousands over the lifetime of your loan.

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Non-Resident Home Loan:

If you are a foreign property investor or want to buy property in Australia without being national of the country, Xpert Finance can get you in touch with lenders that you can trust. So that you can buy a property or secure a mortgage on a temporary and permanent basis.

In addition, Xpert Finance also offers a wide range of Fixed-Rate Home Loan, Self-Employed and Low Doc Home Loans for young investors.

Self-Employed Home Loan

The documentation requirements to verify your income for a standard loan can be extensive when you’re self-employed.

Our Products We’ve always been committed to giving Australians a fair go. It’s why we keep our interest rates competitive, our fees low and our products full of features.

Our service Purchasing a home is a momentous occasion – and at Xpert Finance, you’ll have the expert support you need from day one. We will be there to help you through the loan application process.

Your Time With Xpert Finance, securing a Home Loan is a lot easier, quick and simple – in fact, it’s our commitment to assess your application usually within 48 hours of receiving it. We truly understand that timing can play a part in securing the right property, so having your loan ready to go sooner could make all the difference.

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