Many Australians with mortgages do not have adequate cover in place to service their loan in the event they suffered a serious illness, lost their job, injury or death.

Loan Protection Plan

Xpert Finance offers distinctive Loan and asset insurance plans to cover for the clients for their monthly debt payments in case something unfortunate happens. It’s important that you take the time to consider how you would meet your loan repayments should the unthinkable happen. We will assist you with an easy to understand and affordable solution that provides peace of mind by helping protect you and your family, your assets and your lifestyle.

Many Australians with mortgages don’t have a backup plan to cover for their loan payments. The need for which might arise due to health emergencies, fatal injuries, death, and even when someone has lost their job. However, there is no need to worry. We provide our clients with state of the art, affordable strategic solutions for insurance plans so that they never have to face financial difficulties during personal or family emergencies.

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Home and contents insurance

Contents insurance covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household personal possessions and furnishings, such as furniture, curtains, stereo, TV, white goods, computers and other electrical appliances, jewelry, clothing, sporting equipment, and even toys. This insurance covers household items belonging to you, and to family members who live with you. It may also include items such as sporting gear and motorized wheelchairs but do not include items permanently attached to the building or insured address or portable items you might take outside your home. You can take out extra cover to protect things like your jewelry, cameras, mobile phones and sporting equipment (but not when in use) from accidental loss or damage.
These policies don’t usually include cover for items friends or visitors bring into your premises unless you list their names on the policy. However, contents insurance is suitable for homeowners and renters. It can be purchased as a stand-alone product or bought in combination with home insurance as a home contents policy. Renters can also purchase low-cost renter’s insurance policies. If you are a renter or tenant, your possessions are not covered by your landlord’s insurance policies.

Building Insurance

Who needs it?

With the building insurance, you will be protected if the unexpected events such as theft, fire, and storm happen to your home, the most important which is your asset. You will need a building insurance if you own your own home just in case it needs a repair from damage. It’s usually a condition of your mortgage and, if you’re a landlord, it’s your responsibility – not your tenants. Although it’s not compulsory if you own your own home this sort of insurance should be a top priority.

What does it cover?

It covers what it costs to rebuilding or repairing your home if it’s damaged. Policies vary from one insurer to another in exactly what events you’re covered for, but generally speaking, you’ll be able to claim if your home is damaged by:
• Natural events such as storms and floods
• Vandalism
• Fire, smoke, explosions
• Subsidence
• Falling trees
• Car and lorry collisions
• Water damage from leaking pipes
• Oil leaking from your heating system

It may also cover other structures around the home such as garages, fences, outside walls and driveways depending on the type of policy you get.

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